Why Write?

Why would anyone want to write another blog? There seem to be billions out there and everyone, including your mother, has a new one they love to post and talk about. So why would I spend hours a week thinking, writing and posting on another blog?

Organizing Thoughts
One major thing writing does is force you to sit down and organize your thoughts about a specific subject. For me, it helps to clarify what it is I am actually observing and gives me time to present a clear subject and fully developed argument. Even for items I never plan on publishing, writing them out allows my brain to consider all aspects of a topic and provides a structure for analysis.

Easy to Share
I think the trouble I’ve had in the past is having people ask me about a subject or sending out countless emails or messages explaining the same concepts over and over. Having a central home for digital content makes for an efficient means for disseminating information. It is actually quite nice to be able to reference a site on a very specific topic, and almost everyone knows how to navigate to a web source. It’s simple, even in casual conversation someone asks about a topic, you can say “I actually just wrote about that,” check out simple economist for all the specifics that I don’t have time to give you here.

Produce Action or Change
I think the goal of publishing work revolves around the idea that people will read your material and it will matriculate into change in their life. Translating difficult concepts into actionable material is something that often goes missing in theoretical writing. Also, by publishing your ideas, it often holds you accountable to the ideals you promote. I’ve read several other writers’ work and it has dramatically changed my life. So, the idea of helping others in that way is also extremely attractive.

A Snapshot of Time
Writing down your thoughts gives a glimpse into what your brain is thinking at a very specific moment. We all change over the years and it can be interesting to see how we grow and change. It can be hard to recognize sometimes, like watching a kid or puppy grow, but looking back it is fascinating to see where you were and how that compares with where you are now. Writing allows for that snapshot in time.

Address Inefficiencies  
I think one of the primary drivers that motivates my writing is the frustration of seeing people live inefficient lives. We are surrounded by people who often are lacking the information or motivation to make their lives better. They continue to feel burdened by debt, poor habits, helplessness and laziness. It is much easier to outline a clear ‘how-to’ in an article than to remember all the details off the cuff. One of the goals of this blog is to fill in some of the gaps in information, and also act as a reminder to keep the information in front of people. It often takes several instances of reading or hearing something before it sinks in or creates actual change.

Make Millions of Dollars!
Yeah! I’m going to make millions. Actually, there are currently no plans to monetize this blog in the coming months.

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