Welcome to the Simple Economist

Welcome to the Simple Economist. You have landed at the all inclusive idea of making your life better by becoming more efficient in all areas of your life. I challenge you to spend a little of your hard earned time examine your life and determine if you are really getting everything you want out of it.

My favorites topics include:

  • Personal Finance
  • Lifestyle Design
  • Nutrition & Exercise
  • Travel
  • Efficiency

My goal is to give a platform for people who want to spend money better, have more time, be healthy and experience awesome things.

I will post whenever I have time. I’ve written about 100 article, and will post them. If you have any specific topic request let me know.

One thought on “Welcome to the Simple Economist

  1. Welcome to the blog sphere. I enjoyed reading through your articles and think you do a great job communicating your thoughts. Look forward to reading some more from you. I will throw our my requests as to what I am personally interested in gathering opinions on.

    1) Advantages of the area you live in. GA is on the shortlist for me for potential job transfers (Augusta Area specifically), and am interested in your thoughts on the area, what is cheap, what is expensive, best things to enjoy, etc. . It is also on the short list for potential “retirement” locations in 5-10 years.

    2) Invest or leave home equity alone? Typical discussion is on paying off house or not. I have the security of an almost paid off house. However I keep thinking about what to do after it is paid off, and wondering if i made the right choice locking up equity, where I could possibly be earning 4-6% margin through getting another loan and investing it (possibly with ability to cash out quickly and pay off loan again).

    3) How you calculate cost of having a kid. I have 3 and I think people vastly over estimate the actual cost of having kids. Given the biggest one is potential opportunity cost of having one spouse stay home, but other than that I find the monthly cost isn’t that much, especially when you count in the tax breaks.

    4) Should you stick with a “good” job for a couple more years than you need too for extra buffer/security?

    5) Efficient ways of investing outside of tax free/deferred vehicles.

    6) Thoughts on how to generate cash flow from investment assets (retirement accounts and other) prior to 59 1/2.

    7) Finding others of like mind, particularly locally (off the web). And or how much you share with others about your personal financial situation.

    Anyway just a couple thoughts. Have a great day.