Getting What We Don’t Deserve

We are pretty lucky. Our lives are filled with abundance and we should be thankful and grateful. We received a pretty lucky historic roll of the dice. Sure, many of us work very hard. We often take advantage of the opportunities that are afforded to us. We define our obstacles and overcome them. But overall, there are so many blessings out of our control; we just need to sit back and be thankful for life and the opportunities presented before us.

medium_2915376577We hear a lot more stories about bad stuff happening to good people. We hear about tragedy, sickness, war, conflict, famine (especially on the international scale). We rarely step back and give appreciation to the fact that we are very fortunate people. If you read the Simple Economist, or any other blog for that matter, you are a member of the elite group of people who has received an overabundance of good fortune and luck in life. We have options, we have freedoms, and we have our health (at least enough to enjoy reading on the internet). We are pretty lucky. Continue reading Getting What We Don’t Deserve