The Sin of Unapologetic Wastefulness

There are very few things that can upset parents, politicians, economists, environmentalists, or anyone who is thinking of growing a mustache more than simple, unapologetic waste. It will look different for each person or individual. And rarely are the monetary issues the largest concern. Growing up, there was nothing that peeved my parents more than opening a coke, having a sip, then leaving it out to get flat. A kid loading up pounds of food on his plate- taking a bite then throwing the rest away, spending by politician’s opponents, sprinklers on in the rain, or idling in an SUV for fifteen minutes on a trip across the street, are enough to make the skin crawl of some individuals. The common denominator is that we all have a point where we find wastefulness painful to watch. For some it is our kids (or others’ kids), our friends, celebrities, or even rich people.

MP900444789So what exactly is the sin of unapologetic waste? Well, I use the tongue-in-cheek termĀ sin as a notion in which all people understand as bad. Not necessarily in a religious sense, but something that cross culturally is accepted as unacceptable. The concept of unapologetic refers to the idea that someone is proud, guilt free, or boastful of their situation. Someone that trumpets their own accomplishments and waste without a hint of remorse. And wastefulness can be anything including encompassing money, time, food, relational capacity, transportation, or natural resources. Although most often associated with natural resources and wealth, the frustration of wastefulness is a shared emotion of anyone who has ever lived in America or spent time in a first world country. Continue reading The Sin of Unapologetic Wastefulness