Enjoying The Process

Someday I’ll be rich. Someday I’ll finish school. Someday my kids will be able use the bathroom on their own. Someday I’ll be able to quit my job. Someday my blog will have a million readers. Someday.

I’ve always been told to write my goals down. That is what famous, rich people do with their dreams. The next step is to put your head down and work as hard as possible to attain your goal. Then, when you finally reach that goal- you write down a bigger one and start the process again.

ID-100213431I actually have goals. I write them down and obtain them frequently. However, one thing is missing from the traditional sense of progress. Something is missing when the end goal is all that matters. The notion of miserable sacrifice as a stepping stone to some lofty fictional finish line. Something else is important in life. Often, the process itself is just as valuable as the result. There are plenty of examples in real life where the ride is more fun or important than the journey’s end. In fact, we spend a lot more time in process than we ever will basking in the reflected glory of our final destination. I think it is time to step back, take a breath and enjoy the process of life. Continue reading Enjoying The Process