Why I Stopped Drinking Alcohol

I don’t normally get very personal on this blog but I thought I would let all the readers in on a few important decisions that have impacted my life. This is a long post but may be useful if you have ever questioned the role of alcohol in your life.

I have a funny relationship with alcohol. I’ve enjoyed it. I’ve hated it (often in the same 24 hour period). I’ve said on multiple weekend mornings I’ll never touch the stuff again only to profess the very next week how excited I am to tour the new microbrewery in town. I’ve had a few friends that didn’t drink for various reasons and I’ve been with friends who can’t enjoy a social situation without alcohol. I’ve replayed the constant battle for years in my head about the joys and tragedies of consuming alcohol.

Photo: Train Wreck Winery

So, Why aren’t you drinking? It is hard to capture the social complexities and subtleties that encapsulate drinking in two sentences. I’ve spent years trying to figure out exactly what my thoughts were about the age old liquid. I’ve spent a lot of mental energy debating the pros and cons of the substance, its marketing, and its social status. I’ve traveled to countries where wine is everywhere and spent time in countries where alcohol was illegal. I’m impressed at the range of views that exist on the simple fermented beverage. (Photo: Train Wreck Winery)

After a particularly exciting night out with a bunch of buddies downtown, I woke up with a massive headache. I don’t know if it is just me but it seems like the older I get the worse those get too. I think that was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I thought: man, it would be nice to take a little break from alcohol. Maybe I’ll stay in this weekend. Maybe I’ll take a week or two off. Maybe a month or two to clear my head. I needed time to answer the questions: Is alcohol giving me the true satisfaction promised in its advertising? or maybe: Is alcohol truly adding value to my life? Continue reading Why I Stopped Drinking Alcohol