Embracing A Slower Paced Life

How fast is your life moving? Do you ever wish you could slow it down? Ever wish you had a few more hours in the day so you could get everything done you need to get finished? What if, instead of always trying to do more, we slowed down a little and embraced a slower paced life. What if we didn’t try to do everything, but slowed down and concentrated only on the things that are truly valuable and important to us.989469_10102207133543530_1405538994_oEvery year it seems the pace of communication and expectations increase. As my life begins to go through a period of acceleration, I often feel the need to step back, evaluate and simply slow my life down. The faster paced life often leaves our health in ruin and our closest relationships drifting. A slower paced life introduces margin and gives us more awareness about how we spend our time. Slow doesn’t happen naturally. In fact, our lives tend to pile more and more on because we rarely remove commitments even if we add new ones. It’s almost like that old computer that just keeps piling on junk and virus’ until it gets so slow it needs a reformat or a trip to the trash can. Is your life ready for a reboot? Continue reading Embracing A Slower Paced Life