Measuring The Good Life: How Well Do You Sleep?

How good is your life? How do you measure how your life is going? I think for years I’ve been asking the wrong question. I have spent quite a bit of time trying to establish what it takes to live a good life. But more than that, I’ve been working to figure out a simple question that would immediately give insight into exactly how well someone is doing. I tried asking things like, how’s school? work? the kids? life? But I found typical responses lacking. Even mine. But there is another measure that does a pretty good job of incorporating all of those areas of life into one singular concept.

MP900181418Sleep: A Measure of Overall Well Being
For many middle class Americans, how well you sleep can be one of the best indicators of overall well being. I like the concept and metric because it combines many different variables into one single measurable idea. I think it is more powerful than how much money, success, or stuff you have. Sleeping well is surprisingly complex and affected by many different things. In my life, factors such as exercise, stress, diet, security, job/income/housing and health all contribute to sleeping well. Continue reading Measuring The Good Life: How Well Do You Sleep?