Using Finance to Create Simplicity

The world we live in does not encourage simplicity. In fact, we are presented with more and more everyday. We are constantly encouraged to complicate our lives by the things and responsibilities we acquire. We have more choice but more pressure than almost any other time in history. Seriously, our local grocery store stocks over 100 different types of spaghetti sauce. Buying something to top your noodles is no longer a simple choice.

finance simpleI was surprised to realize that we can actually use the limitations of finance to limit our stress, commitments, obligations, and worry. Most people think that more money will make them happier. But what many of us have come to realize is that the more money we spend, the more options, choices, responsibilities, and opportunities we have. The complexity of our financial life can become increasingly stressful even as our financial opportunities expand. (Photo Paxton)

Money doesn’t really care how we use it. We can spend it all, save it all, give it all, or bury it in the ground. It can make our lives better or worse. It can make our lives simpler or much more complicated. It doesn’t really care, but we do. We can use the financial decisions we make to set our priorities and focus our time, money, and energy on the things that are important. In order to create a simpler life, we can allocate our income in a way that limits unimportant distractions and focuses our money on the things we actually value. Continue reading Using Finance to Create Simplicity