Learn How to Sell Something

Disclaimer: People who were not born in this country can skip this article (unless you want to read it to send to your American friends who don’t understand ‘how to sell things’). This is the companion post to learn how to get a good deal on anything. There are a lot of principles that are consistent across buying and selling.

Why Sell Stuff
Do you have anything valuable around your house that you no longer use? If you could magically snap your fingers and turn your unused items into cash, would you? Which things would you sell? I’m sure there are plenty of people with used electronics, fancy brand name clothing that doesn’t fit, kids stuff, unopened wedding gifts or other valuables just sitting in a closet, garage or attic, cluttering your house and wasting away. Seriously, selling your stuff is like magic. It gives you cash, gets rid of clutter, reduces waste, and gets used stuff to other people who can use it! The beauty of the process is much easier now than it ever has been! Craigslist, eBay, and Amazon combined with local consignment shops, yard sales and flea markets make the process much simpler than ever before.
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