Perfection: The Enemy of Relaxation

I really wish this post would be perfect. I wish my home was just a bit cleaner and tidier. If I spent a little more time I’m sure I could make my work perfect, or that project for school just right, or that party just a little better. The pursuit of perfection can be paralyzing. From something as simple as having friends over for dinner and planning a surprise party to┬ástarting a blog or a small business, fear and the desires to make things perfect often keep us from taking action. Given enough time, almost all of us could make the activities in our lives perfect. Or at least pretty close to it. Whether it be work, school, family, sports, finances, or exercise, surely perfection would be obtainable. Wait, is perfection actually obtainable?

qualityvstimeI want to do the things that are most important in my life well. I actually enjoy working hard and working efficiently. I enjoy seeing a job well done. I also enjoy relaxing.┬áThe nagging thought of perfection can rob us of relaxation. For most activities there is a point where good is good enough. We don’t have to be perfect to meet our goal. Often, getting to good enough takes much less time than perfection. In some cases, getting to perfection takes more time than we will ever have. It is rare that a blog post will impact me for years to come, but J.D. Roth wrote about this subject (picture from GRS) when defining the fundamentals of personal finance. Understanding good enough is one of the key tenants to an efficient life and a primary factor that determines how well we are able to relax. Continue reading Perfection: The Enemy of Relaxation