Tim Ferriss and Parkinson’s Law

Sumo wrestling and tango dancing? Red wine and learning Japanese? How about working less and getting more done? I’ll introduce you to an interesting set of characters that helped introduce one of my favorite productivity tips of all time. Without further adieu, let me introduce you to Tim Ferriss and Cyril Parkinson.


I’ve had it happen. I’ve had a small project that could be done in just a few hours but wasn’t due for months. I should have just done it. But instead, it went on the to-do list and stayed there for weeks. Finally, after several bouts with mental procrastination, I started to work. Instead of just cranking out the project, I slowly and distractedly meandered my way though revisions. Spent days instead of hours and finally finished with a result that may have been marginally better than something I could have done with a few hours of intense concentration. Have you ever had a seemingly small project that had a really long time frame to do it? Did the project or task grow in relation to the time you had to do it? Do tasks really swell in (perceived) importance and complexity in relation to the time allotted for their completion? Welcome to the entertaining thoughts that make up Parkinson’s Law. Continue reading Tim Ferriss and Parkinson’s Law