Wearing Pampers in Business Class

Anyone up for permanently raising your expectations and inflating your lifestyle? Does all other steak taste worse once you’ve had the best? By this point in our life we have all had some small taste of life’s luxuries. And on occasion these can be entertaining experiences. But my simple observation is that, if you spend enough time basking in your own indulgences, you will become accustom to luxuries and your lifestyle can inflate significantly without actually making you any happier. The second observation is that business travel can be one of the most exacerbating catalysts to raised expectations, wastefulness and entitlement.

We adapt to wealth or poverty surprisingly quickly. Our expectations have such an enormous impact on how we perceive our life that it is truly important to be cognizant and understand exactly how they influence our view of reality. And, Hey, getting up to go to the bathroom is such a hassle, would you like a pamper to go with your free cocktail in Business Class?

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