No More Plastic Toys

‘Tis the season. The big marketing push for people to go out and buy lots of plastic things with plastic money for people they wish they could spend more time with. I like Christmas. I enjoy Thanksgiving. I love spending time with my friends, eating delicious food, and relaxing with my family. I like the festivities and excitement this season brings. And this year, thanks to the help of Josh and Ryan, I’m looking forward to a more meaningful holiday season. However, each year, it seems marketers are taking their game to a higher level. In an effort to out-duel one another, the creep of spending and buying expands. It seems quantity, consumption, and the volume of stuff is getting the upper hand. Now that I am more aware of its effects, especially on children, I start to question the excess of disposable toys and plastic waste that has captured giving.

toy messThe ultimate irony is that I truly enjoy giving. I like to support people and organizations. I like to give great gifts to my wife, friends, and family. I think many people get stimulation from the buying process and the actual giving part. I’m working toward enjoyment of the utilization of the gifts and implementation instead of the process itself. I don’t mean this essay to specifically be a tresses against plastic toys; but merely to start a discussion about the disposable excess that permeates western culture and specifically manifests itself during the holiday season. And honestly, my push back to the giving season is based in its implementation. The combination of expectations and marketing that now are such an excessive part of the experience that it can diminish the joy of quality time and simple generosity. Continue reading No More Plastic Toys