The Netflix Approach To Life – Search From Within

Have you ever searched for that movie you really want to see on Netflix only to be disappointed when it’s not there? Or maybe it was that 14th season of some show your friend told you about that you must watch. Netflix has 1,000s of shows and episodes. More entertaining content than any single soul should be allowed to watch in a lifetime. But for some reason, it often feels like that one show we want to watch just isn’t included. Despite millions of hours of television and movies, we can’t find what we want.

netflix approachI’ve enjoyed Netflix and watched countless hours of their content over the years. Although we currently use a different streaming service, many of the principles are still the same. The best way to approach a streaming service is to simply browse its content from within. Do your search from within. This means strategically limiting your options to what is currently available. Looking at the top fifty most watched shows on Netflix will be much more satisfying than if we were to look at the top fifty films of the year, and then search for them on Netflix. There may be a few that would be available but, by and large, you would be disappointed if your expectations were really high. Continue reading The Netflix Approach To Life – Search From Within