My Favorite Books

I enjoy reading and I spend as much time as I can reading non-fiction. My favorite books tend to be ones that make me think or create action in my life. I’ve already written about five books that have changed my life but there are plenty more that I enjoy. I primary read on my Kindle but I often give away paper books as gifts (my favorite thing to give people). So, without further ado, here is the list (in no particular order) of my favorite nonfiction books:

walWalden – Thoreau
1854 called and told you to get off your computer and get out in the woods. The classic, which can be read for free, describes social experiment and spiritual journey of Henry David Thoreau. The book outlines the life of Thoreau and the challenges and observations made while spending two years in a small cabin in the woods of Massachusetts.

leoSimple Guide to A Minimalist Life – Leo Babauta

A short read that explains the basic tenants of minimalism, but, more importantly gives practical advice on how we can design our life and our habits. Even if minimalism sounds awful to you, the advice is great for prioritizing your life and work. I try and read this book at least once a year. Continue reading My Favorite Books