Best of Mr. Money Mustache Pt. II

Editor’s Note: This is Part II of the Best of Mr. Money Mustache. This is advanced reading intended for those who already have a basic understanding of personal finance. Start with Part I if you are just trying to get everything figured out.

Once again the reigning champ has returned for round two of solid financial blogging gold. I’ll reiterate what I mentioned in the previous post. With an author as prolific as MMM, the amount of content that is often produced can be staggering. As a long time reader (like ERE before), I’ve read every post since the beginning and I’ve sifted though all of it to pick out the very best. Like I said, start with Part I if you are just getting introduced; but if you are looking to pick up your graduate degree in financial freedom, here is the advanced reading list. I’ve also included some additional reading, book recommendations and other blogs that have similar types of early retiree/financial efficiency information contained within them.


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The Best of Mr. Money Mustache

Mr. Money Mustache is currently the North American (and maybe Canadian too) reigning champion of face punching financial efficiency. His posts are motivational, unique and inspiring for those who desire to live a more efficient life. His posts are also equally as offensive and painful to read for those who live a typical, inefficiently normal American lifestyle. If you are like me and desire to live a slightly lower impact lifestyle, not waste all of your money and still enjoy life you will be thoroughly entertained by his writing.

kudy-monetarymusings-logo3 (1)I try to read everything I can about personal finance and investing. I’ve been through most of our local library’s catalog and finished with all the popular authors. For me, it is rare to hear a fresh set of ideas when it comes to the age old topic of money. But MMM has done it. He is my current favorite author that is writing about money. I think the issue we often run into when we find a new author or blogger is filtering through all the content they produce to find the gold. And authors like MMM produce tons of awesome content but it can often be difficult for new readers, or even seasoned veterans, to find the absolute best that has been produced. I often find posts that are quite awesome but fail to bookmark them or ever read them again after they have been posted. Continue reading The Best of Mr. Money Mustache