Margin: The Key To Feeling Rich

When was the last time you felt rich? How would you feel if you made four times what you spend? Would you feel better if you had a little more breathing room? Someone making 100k but spending 120k won’t feel relaxed for long. But making 90k with typical expenses of 30k a year will give you plenty of comfort and options. The difference between what you earn and what you spend is the key to feeling rich.

brWhen I was a teenager I worked at a summer camp as a counselor. We got paid less than minimum wage but our housing, food and entertainment was provided. Not only that, being quarantined at camp (not too unlike the military) provided little opportunity to spend any of the money we actually made.So, after a few weeks of work we received our checks and promptly went to the bank to get them cashed. 18 with no expenses and $700 cash. I felt rich. Do you feel rich? Even if your income has increased over the years, have you increased or decreased your margin? There is a strange but observable tendency for Americans to increase their expenses even as they grow their income. This net effect can often lead us to feel financial pressure despite growing incomes. Continue reading Margin: The Key To Feeling Rich

Margin of the 3rd World

Despite our best efforts- and our accumulation of lots of stuff, I’m not 100% sure Americans have it all figured out. We do most things really well. But from my experience it seems like most of my friends, coworkers and acquaintances are still unsatisfied in one area. For all that we are doing right in the U.S., one thing still feels like it is missing: Margin. Although margin often is used in the context of money, I’ll jump in and throw out the incredible and often overlooked concept that is Time Margin.


I spent the summer of my third year in college studying abroad in Australia and Fiji. It was a pretty epic trip and one of the most memorable times that I can remember. It truly whetted my appetite for travel and exposed me to new and different parts of the world that are completely unique. I’m sure I read a few books and did several projects but I’ll never forget the culture I was exposed to on that trip. The sights and sounds of Australia were great, but I think one of the most memorable nights that I can recall was during a village home-stay in Fiji. As students, we were paired up with a family and spent our time walking around the village, drinking kava, relaxing, eating and talking. Continue reading Margin of the 3rd World