Luxury Is A Drug

We’ve all tried drugs at some point in our life. It may be tylenol. It may be caffeine. It may be alcohol, tobacco, or even something a little bit more experimental. But we’ve all had drugs. And drugs are pretty amazing objects. They have the ability to completely change the way our body operates, heal us when we are sick, and even feel no pain under extreme distress. They can make us grow, make us lose weight, keep us from having babies, or even see things that do not even exist. Drugs are pretty amazing.

Cruise ShipDrugs are pretty powerful. They can be good, bad, or indifferent. But we all know they contain power. Drugs can often be both mentally or physically addictive. They can be entertaining or depressing. They can make us feel great. And they can make us feel awful. The consistent thing we notice across almost all different types of drug classes is the amazing ability of our body to adapt to the drug. We have the ability to become tolerant of even the most powerful substances. At the first dose, just a small amount of a drug affected our body. But after repeated doses, we began to adapt. In fact, there are plenty of times when we can take a small amount of a drug, even one that originally had a great effect, and not even notice. It takes incrementally more drug to produce the same level of satisfaction. It is easy to see with alcohol, pain medicine or caffeine; but luxury is a new class of drug whose addictive properties are much subtler but impressively powerful.
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