How Well Do You Care For Yourself? A Lifestyle Design Measurement Tool

Do you consider yourself good at caring for yourself? Do you take care of your body, mind, stress levels, and soul? Which areas of our lives still need work? I recently read several publications from the Headington Institute and they developed a unique one page questionnaire/measurement tool (link below) to comprehensively measure self care and lifestyle design. In an area that is tough to quantify, they have done a great job distilling the important aspects of lifestyle design into a quick and easy test that produces a lifestyle quotient number. Everyone has an ideal they are trying to achieve but how do we know when we are getting closer? We often look to others around us to determine how we are doing. But measuring yourself against others in lifestyle design is a slippery slope; however, assessment of ourselves introspectively is actually much more useful, especially when we measure our lives over time.

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????I’m still a huge fan of life hacking and I’ll continue to work through the principle of constant optimization. My goal is to always strive to live a healthier, more efficient, impactful life. But once you have been in this mindset for a while, it can be really difficult to measure progress. Am I actually improving my life? Do I have the same nagging issues that I had years ago? Have my life circumstances changed to the point where I am dealing with stressors that I never even considered five or ten years ago? Sometimes outside benchmark assessment is useful. Many people don’t know where to start. Most individuals are aware of the most urgent issues in their life, but I think a third party assessment can be useful to uncover hidden areas of our life that could use work. I’ll save you the hundreds of dollars in counseling by linking to the assessment and providing some context. Continue reading How Well Do You Care For Yourself? A Lifestyle Design Measurement Tool