Getting Rid of Justin Case

I’ve had many long, hard fights with my dear friend Justin. In fact, he is always coming over and filling my house with things I don’t need. It took many years but I’ve finally kicked Mr. Case out of my life. At least mostly. He still tends to to come visit occasionally and enjoys spending time with house tools and infants. But I’m making progress. He also makes me worry. He has the strange ability to keep me uncomfortable even in the most comfortable of situations. He brings with him a long list of potential hazards that dot my future path. Most of the time, he is not needed. He just gets in the way. I think it’s time we all take a collective breath and kick Just-In-Case out of our life.

winter2012-DontLeaveHomeFor many of us, we surround ourselves with stuff and the anxiety about all the potential what-ifs. We tend to keep things around that no longer have current use. We tend to worry about minutia even if the probability of problems and issues is tiny. In fact, many people proudly boast about the little details they worry about and the lack of sleep it causes them. But not me. I’m flexing my stress free muscle and cleaning out the crap I don’t need in my head and my closet.

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