Growing Expensive Things: The SE Garden Experiment

I love food. I enjoy eating it and I’m beginning to enjoy growing a little bit of it. My family dabbled in growing things when I was a kid and my grandmother always had an awesome garden. Before the organic and locally grown movements, many people would garden simply to supplement their food purchases or to have tasty access to the freshest produce. While I did have access to lots of fresh food growing up, for me it was a bit under appreciated. I never really thought too much about it and took for granted the abundance of fresh fruit, nuts and vegetables that we grew at home. Looking back, I’m glad I was able to see and eat all the delicious food my family made.

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Why Grow Your Own Food?
I’m not really sure why it happens, but for some reason we are more patient with ourselves, the things we own and things we produce. Have you ever tried to baby sit someone else’s rowdy dog or kid? Or have you ever helped a picky child cook something strange. They’ll often eat what they make but if the same thing was made by someone else they would be disgusted by it. And in the same sense, I believe growing your own food provides a small feeling of accomplishment and excitement knowing it’s yoursI clearly remember growing up having to mow the grass. It was a dreadfully steep yard and it took hours to mow with the push mower. I don’t recall it being too much fun. But for some reason now, I don’t really mind working in my yard. I’ll mow and weed, despite not being “fun” to most, with a nice little sense of personal pride. Continue reading Growing Expensive Things: The SE Garden Experiment