Ms. Simple Economist’s Favorite Things

Hi SE readers! I’m excited I get to write another guest post. Mr. SE shared his favorite things a few months ago and asked me to do the same. So, here is a list of some items that bring joy to my life. I believe these are things that I will always enjoy no matter what stage of life I am in, and I think you may enjoy them too.

pbFreshly Ground Peanut Butter
I love peanut butter and always have. I’m one of those people who can just eat it by the spoonful. I used to get the processed stuff, but then I decided it might be better to get something with less added sugar if I am going to be eating it everyday. I used to buy it from the market already ground, but now I make it conveniently at home anytime I have the urge. Just put some unsalted, dry-roasted peanuts in the food processor, give it a little wiz, and there you go. Awesome, delicious peanut butter ready to eat! You can do this with any other nuts as well, but peanuts seem to work best.

nikeNike Tempo Shorts
Probably any girl from the age of 12-35 will tell you these shorts are amazing. Not only trendy, they are great for working out, going to class, running errands, or lounging around the house. They come in any color you can imagine whether you want neon, your school colors, or to go with that favorite t-shirt. And they have built-in underwear and elastic band for the perfect fit! Continue reading Ms. Simple Economist’s Favorite Things