Healthy Eating for a Family on $200 a Month

Author: Ms. Simple Economist (Awesome Mom and Registered Dietitian)

The new year is here and for most of us our resolutions probably involve eating healthy and taking control of our spending habits. These two goals interact on a daily basis as we plan our meals, prepare and eat food, allocate how much we are going to spend on food, and create new habits to manage our weight. Have you ever thought about how much you spend on food each month? Where does most of your food come from? Do you cook or eat out? These are the questions that ultimately affect our waistlines and our budgets.

What if I said you could eat healthy and feed a family for $200 a month? May sound crazy, but it’s possible if you start making some simple changes to your eating and spending habits. My husband and I have been successfully living off of a grocery budget of $200/month for almost two years now and continue to do so after having a baby girl this past December all without using coupons.

I know families come in many different sizes and with certain dietary needs or restrictions that can influence how much you allocate to your food budget. However, there are some simple steps you can take to start feeding your family for less. Continue reading Healthy Eating for a Family on $200 a Month