The Great Detox Challenge for 2014

I love writing about life hacking and intentional experiences designed to expand our comfort zones. In addition, my life tends to accumulate clutter over time – both mental and physical- and I often need to detox. I need an intentional cleanse to purge the unnecessary things that creep into my life and replace them with only things that I truly value. Partially inspired by Hatmaker, Cain, and Leo, challenges are a great way to try something new and observe our own reactions. The project and challenges I have proposed are two fold. They are exercises in self control; but also activities that produce personal awareness about some aspects of our lifestyle. I dislike leaving my comfort zone, but I enjoy the process and learning new things.


I’ve written about 30 day challenges before. But I’ve never offered publicly the ones we plan on attempting. I do enjoy public accountability and I also like the support we get when we invite others to join us in experimentation. I honestly think that habit formation and change is one of the single most important things anyone can do to make their lives better.┬áIn addition, this will be a joint challenge as Ms. SE has decided to join the lifestyle experiments and even added a few of her own. A supportive partner is another crucial element to a life of contentment, and her participation gives me extra motivation. So, what are we going to do to detox our lives? What to join us for a challenge? Feel free to pick ones that you want to do with us here. Continue reading The Great Detox Challenge for 2014