The Great Detox Challenge Update

At the end of last year Ms. SE and I decided we would experiment with several life hacking challenges throughout the course of 2014. We laid out a single challenge for each month involving everything from eating, drinking, biking, sleeping, social media, to trash. We’ve kept the reader participants updated but we wanted to give all of our readers feedback and let you in on several of the struggles and victories we have experienced thus far. I’ll begin by saying we have already learned a lot about ourselves and it has been an entertaining (and sometimes difficult) set of challenges!

challengeOur original post outlined the monthly challenges and publicly announced the things we would try. We had several readers join us (you can too) for various months and we have had good feedback already. The first five months of the year included the following five challenges: Food, Exercise, Social Media, Reading, and Screen Time. If you want to know the full specifics of each post feel free to read up on the original. Some have been much more difficult than others, but we always learn something new by the end of the month. Continue reading The Great Detox Challenge Update