Designing a Healthy Lifestyle

ID-100203856Everyone wants to be healthy. Everyone wants to exercise more, eat healthier, be financially secure, and have high quality relationships. But we all know, a healthy lifestyle does not happen by accident. We don’t accidentally become healthier. In fact, most of our outside influences tend to make it more difficult to be healthy. Designing a healthy lifestyle is about putting structures in place that are conducive to living healthily. In addition, design takes place before action. A well designed life will make the the actions much easier to achieve. So, before many of us are really ready to take action, we must start by understanding, planning, and designing the life we want.

It is actually easier to notice when we have designed an unhealthy lifestyle. A fridge full of unhealthy, fatty, sugary, processed foods. A schedule so full we don’t have time to prioritize things like rest and exercise. A budget so over packed the next bump in the road will send us over the edge. A house that makes it hard to run, bike or play outside yet feels great for wasting away watching hours of mindless television. Surrounding yourself with people who live unhealthy lives or participate in contagious bad habits. Your environment influences you more than you think. So, we will address four main tenants of a healthy lifestyle in this article: diet, exercise, financial security, and relationships. -Stephen SE

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