2014 Cableless TV Setup

The television industry is in an interesting state of flux. Bundled cable subscriptions are still widely used by older individuals and, despite continually rising prices, fewer people than expected are actually ‘cutting the cord’. Younger individuals and many Millennials are simply skipping the traditional cable experience and going straight to the source for the content they want. Technology is making the entire process of finding information incredibly easy and inexpensive. The amount of material available continues to rise as do the various ways to see and consume video content. We literally have millions of hours of content available to us at a moments notice on almost evecableless tvry possible medium. Each year we have new options, products, and devices that come out. It can be tough to keep up with all of the changes. And, rarely does a product come along that can provide a better experience, save me money, and combine several ideals I’ve desired for quite some time (FireTV).

We haven’t had cable for years now, and I have tried pretty much every server, media center, and set top box in the last five years. I believe I have tried about 15 different boxes and streamers, but I’ve had difficulty finding that one that could do everything. In fact, in previous posts I’ve recommended several different options but now there is a single one that works best. Continue reading 2014 Cableless TV Setup

The Cable-less TV Setup

I enjoy occasionally watching quality content and sports on television but I’ve been without traditional cable for many years. I also happen to enjoy technology and I have owned and tested almost every type of set top device that exist (Apple TV, Roku, FireTV). I’m constantly perfecting and tweaking my setup so feel free to come back as I still update this post regularly. It is possible get almost all content in full HD, including live TV and sports for free or much less than you are currently paying for cable!

Also, check out the updated 2014 version of the post!

The first two Questions you need to ask yourself are:

  • What content is most important to me?
  • How much do I want to spend on content?
  • (And Maybe) Do I even have enough time to watch all the free content out there?

To get access to the best content you need:

  • Digital Television w/ Tuner
  • High Speed Internet Connection (5Mbs+ Recommended)

Streaming Box of Some Kind (see bottom for detailed list and more info):
My updated suggestions only include three steaming boxes. Why? Because they are the best. They have everything we need. I always suggest buying used if possible and amazon “more buying choices”  because buying used ‘like new’ can often save you a few bucks!

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