Broken Systems: Why We Continue To Fail

Failing at something is not very fun. Failing at the same thing over and over is maddening. But almost everyone I know, myself included, has a certain area of life (or more likely areas) where we constantly fail to live up to our own expectations. We tend to have great intentions, but rarely meet even our own standards. When we try to make changes in our lives we often look at the specific symptoms of our problem, yet fail to account for the broader context to the challenges we face. We like to focus on individual items, but we must understand that our lives are built around systems.

Businessman Filing InformationWe all have systems in our lives. We have a connected set of activities and routines that we perform on a daily basis. Whether we analyze it or not, we have systems for many things in our lives. How you get ready for the day is a system. There is a constant set of actions you routinely do to prepare yourself for the day. They may be quite efficient and thought out, or it may be rushed and anxiety inducing. Constantly leaving the house late and feeling stressed getting ready is likely a symptom of a failed system rather than a preferred outcome. Often, our intentions are good. We may even have a nice goal in mind. But we rarely take the time to set up full systems that put us in a position for success. Continue reading Broken Systems: Why We Continue To Fail