Giving Away All My Books and Reading More

I truly enjoy reading. A great book is an awesome way for me to relax, be entertained, or learn something life changing. I enjoy reading other peoples’ work much more than I do writing my own. And I like books. Or, at the very least, I enjoy the content that they contain. One of the few problems I’ve had with books is the space they occupy. At various times in my life, the physical collection of books I’ve owned has taken up shelves upon shelves (or later boxes upon boxes) of space. I don’t really bask in the aesthetics of a large library or book store, but I enjoy having access to my favorite books at a moments notice. Traveling and moving are the times when I typically notice the volume of books that come in and out of my life.

book clutterI enjoy reading but I’m not a big fan of clutter. For some reason, books were one of the last vestibules for me to give up when relentlessly evaluating the objects I own and store at my house. So, I decided to give away almost all the physical copies of books that I own. The mental decision was much easier when I realized what I enjoyed was the content in the text and not the bound collection of paper on my shelf. There are only a few books I really want to own and that I will constantly reread. For those, I have a special place that contains just a handful of books. I’ve also been slowly purchasing digital copies of many of my favorites over the years to complete my small collection. And I have a library card. Where I live, that is a pretty incredible, often underutilized, resource. Continue reading Giving Away All My Books and Reading More