Blogs I Read

blog Before I decided to jump in and join the writer’s crowd, I spent years reading posts from a wide variety of authors. My life and perspective have been thoroughly challenged and changed from the words written by many of the authors who write weekly to an audience around the world. At first, this post was going to be a shout out to all the other bloggers that I enjoy and that have helped me on my way. But I’ve made it a little more specific and retained only the blogs that I actually read. Ones where I read every post right after they hit my feed. Here are the blogs I enjoy.

The Classics
Zen Habits – Written by Leo Babauta who is a self described minimalist and habit creator. His material covers a healthy lifestyle, habit formation, parenting, and focus. He has been writing for several years and his content remains epic. One of the few old school bloggers that still writes consistently.
Great Post: A Brief Guide to Life

Mr. Money Mustache – The best face punching, entertaining financial literacy author writing right now. A wealthy early retiree who maintains a low impact lifestyle. A must read for anyone who is working toward living a more efficient life. I’ve already written about his best posts; but I’m impressed he keeps the new material coming each week.
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