Get Off The Couch & Do Something: Battling Inertia

I’m Guilty. The articles that are often the hardest to write are the ones that make me look in the mirror. And I’m guilty. I’m guilty of letting inertia get the best of me. I would like to think that I’m pretty good with my time, energy, and effort- but often I find that I can get lazy. Or at least inefficient. I find that I tend to do the same things over and over. I get quite comfortable with my routines and the products and services that I use most often. I don’t even dislike change. However, the minimal amount of effort that change requires often necessitates¬†a battle with inertia. For anyone who hasn’t thought about science since 4th grade (myself included)- Inertia can be described as resistance to any change in the state of motion. In essence, we tend to keep doing the same things over and over unless an outside force changes our direction.

lazy manAs humans, we have a tendency to gravitate towards comfort and consistency. Even if things are pretty bad, we’ll continue to do them due to laziness or fear of change. It is even worse when things are ok but could be a lot better. I tend to fall in that second category. I get complacent when things are going well but could be better. When I’m saving and spending with plenty of margin I don’t worry about change. When work is going well I don’t think about honing my skillset. When my life and marriage are good I don’t often think about better.

Inertia happens all the time in areas of our personal finance. We often continue to make inefficient decisions with our money and fail to take any action. Here are some of the more popular activities where inaction can be expensive. Continue reading Get Off The Couch & Do Something: Battling Inertia