Athens, Ga – Best Town In The World

archI love to travel. I love to see new places. I love to explore, meet new people and take in the uniqueness of places that have their own personality. Athens, Georgia: whether you are just passing through, spending an amazing 4 years (or 5), or settling down- it is one of the most unique and memorable cities that exist. Although we have traveled tons of places spread over several continents, we always enjoy coming home. Where you live is one of the single most influential aspects of your entire life and one of the fundamental keys to lifestyle design. If you made a list of what you want in a city, what would it contain? Are you curious to know why anyone who has passed through loves Athens, Ga? What do you love about where you currently reside?

What Makes Athens Awesome?

Food – Honestly, food in Athens deserves its own article. But I’ll give it a go. Awesome food! Incredible diversity. Insanely inexpensive. I could make the argument that it has the best selection of any small non-tourist town. Every ethnic possibility, delicious farm to table and plenty of vegetarian and vegan options. Athens is home to several breweries, mircopubs, and even bike tours to local farms. Our favorite local restaurants include Last Resort, Copper Creek, Jittery Joe’s coffee, Mama’s Boy, Little Italy, Cali & Titos, Depalmas and 5 & 10. Continue reading Athens, Ga – Best Town In The World