Everyone Wants to be Your #1 Priority

We live in an interesting world. Your Boss, Your Professor, Your Girlfriend, Your Kids, Your Job, Your Readers, Your God, Your Debts, Your Friends, and Your Television are all competing for your time, attention, and priority. And everyone wants to be your top priority. We are forced to economize our time. We must, by definition, make choices about how we live our lives. What do you do when school, work, children, civic duties, sleep and hobbies all command 40 hours a week? You don’t do them all. You must make difficult choices about which parts of your life will not get your full attention. You already prioritize, you just may let others do it for you.

priorityIf you do not define your priorities, society and others will define them for you. Have you ever taken the time to consider and actually list out what your priorities are? List your top five ideal priorities in order. What comes first? Pause: do it mentally or write it down. For bonus points take out a scratch sheet of paper and actually write them out. What do you spend the majority of your time, money, energy and attention concentrating on? Is it close to ideal? We must enforce limits to maintain our sanity. Our health and relationships will often give out before our money does. I would guess that there are very few people at the end of their lives that would trade more “success” for quality relationships or a healthy body. Our goal is to simply use the time we have efficiently so we are able to do the things that are most important in our lives. Our goal is also to move in the direction of mental and physical sustainability by moving our current priorities toward our ideal. Continue reading Everyone Wants to be Your #1 Priority