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One of the main tenants of Simple Economist is simply being efficient with our spending decisions. This often means buying fewer things and being mindful of the items we do purchase. We frequently get asked about different products or services we actually use and have truly enjoyed over the years. Here is a collection of different things we can personally recommend to our readers. This page will constantly be updated as we experiment and try new things but many of our recommend companies, services, and books have been consistent over the years.

We do a lot of research before we make any recommendation but many individuals have unique situations that make specific selections a personal decision. We are always looking for improvement so let us know if you feel like there is a better option or we are missing a clearly excellent product or service. If we like your recommendation better, we will update our page to reflect the changes.

Bloggers are often supported by referral links in their articles. A few of the companies listed happen to offer commissions for online referrals. Several others do not. We do not make our recommendations based on revenue, but where available, we use special links so that this blog will get a credit if you end up becoming a customer. It is an optional way to support this blog so we can continue to write and provide great content!

KC-slate-06-lg._V386898778_Amazon Kindle Paperwhite
I love to read and I enjoy traveling. I’ve owned several Sony, B&N, Apple and other e-readers but I’ve settled on the Kindle. The battery lasts forever and works well for local library books. It is thin and light and has allowed me to get rid of the bookshelves at my house.



51W6VhAeFEL._UX522_Saddleback Wallets
I received the Saddleback minimalist wallet for Christmas this year and it has become one of my all time favorite products. It is great for holding 1-5 cards and maybe a folded bill or two. That is exactly what I need. The quality of their products is backed by a 100 year warranty and the reviews are impressive. Do yourself a favor when you buy your next wallet, get something high quality that will last a lifetime.


nalNalgene Bottles
I’ve carried the same 32oz Nalgene for over 10 years and a few years ago we bought three widemouth 16oz. We use them daily and they seem to last forever. I hate buying bottled water but I always like having water with me wherever I go. We keep a Britta in the fridge and fill the bottles up from that. The widemouth bottles are much easier to clean than the small mouth ones.


2013-03-14 14.39.27North Face Hot Shot Backpack (2002 vintage)
This backpack is awesome. Again, this thing has been with me across oceans and visited over 30 countries. It’s mid-sized, light and has just the right combination of straps and pockets. The quality seems higher than the new packs that are being made. Ebay would probably be the best source to find a vintage pack. I’ve carried it 1000s of times and I’m amazed at how little wear it shows.


cableless tvAmazon Fire TV
I’ve tried all the different boxes. I think over the last five years I’ve tried at least thirty different ones. But the Fire TV wins. Combined with XBMC and a nice bluetooth controller, this thing will play anything you can toss at it, accept plenty of external storage, look pretty and play all your vintage emus. After setup, the interface is intuitive and easy enough to pass the grandparent test.


rcaCable Cutting Antenna: RCA Compact OD
We live in an area about 60 miles from the nearest metro. So we wanted a nice antenna that could pull in signal from that distance. It also needed to be small and fit in our attic. We tried several different ones and ended up keeping the RCA. The Amazon Basics works great if you are in a major metro. We can get all the channels like Fox, Cbs, Abc, Nbc, and Pbs for free! We also use the Winegard amp for boosting the signal.


osterOster Professional Trimmer (For Cutting Hair)
After a really bad experience at our local crazy clips that ended in a shaved head, I decided it was time to take matters into my own hands. We bought the Oster set after the MMM recommendation and haven’t looked back. My wife can now cut my hair perfectly in a matter of minutes while I relax comfortably in my living room. I hope I never have to go to another salon or barber.


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