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One of the main tenants of Simple Economist is simply being efficient with our spending decisions. This often means buying fewer things and being mindful of the items we do purchase. We frequently get asked about different products or services we actually use and have truly enjoyed over the years. Here is a collection of different things we can personally recommend to our readers. This page will constantly be updated as we experiment and try new things but many of our recommended companies, services, and books have been consistent over the years.

We do a lot of research before we make any recommendation but many individuals have unique situations that make specific selections a personal decision. We are always looking for improvement so let us know if you feel like there is a better option or we are missing a clearly excellent product or service. If we like your recommendation better, we will update our page to reflect the changes.

Bloggers are often supported by referral links in their articles. A few of the companies listed happen to offer commissions for online referrals. Several others do not. We do not make our recommendations based on revenue, but where available, we use special links so that this blog will get a credit if you end up becoming a customer. It is an optional way to support this blog so we can continue to write and provide great content!

We often get asked about which accounts we use, where we find deals on insurance, and even plenty of questions about what we use to host this website. From investing, to shipping, to music, to video- a collection of several different services have maintained our loyalty over the years. Our Recommend Services.


There are only a few products we unequivocally recommend across the board. We do have our list of favorite things (and Ms. SEs), but a few different items really stand out for general recommendation. From wallets, to readers, to electronics- only a small selections of objects made the final cut. Our Recommend Products.


I love to read. I read a lot of blogs, but also a ton of books. I primarily read non-fiction and I really enjoy the business/self-help/personal finance field. I’ve written specifically about a few books that have changed my life. But here are the books I recommend for general reading. An epic collection that will change your life and perspective if you make the decision to read. Our Recommend Books.


I’ve been a blog reader long before I ever thought about putting my thoughts online. Several of the bloggers whose content I read have changed my life and perspective. Even fewer have written consistent, high quality material over the course of many years. I’ve narrowed down the list of 1,000s to a short list of incredible single author blogs.


Are there any specific products, services, blogs, or books that you would recommend? What are we missing from our list? We are always looking for better products and content. We will update our page as we encounter new things and get new suggestions from our readers.

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