A New Edition To The Simple Economist Family

It has been a pretty incredible week. We added a new member of the family on Thursday and we were able to come home from the hospital this weekend. It has been a fun few days adjusting from a single little one running around to having two. It has been a blast. Our little lady seems to be getting along with her new baby brother so far. Everyone is healthy and we couldn’t ask for more!

baby jamesHere is our little Baby James. His two favorite hobbies are eating and sleeping and he is pretty good at both. It will be interesting to see how adding a new one effects the financial picture but most of that impact will be much further down the road. The biggest thing I’ve noticed is how much I enjoy spending time with my kids. If there is anything that can motivate me to financial independence (faster), it would be the ability to spend even more time with my growing family! I’m looking forward to seeing him grow up and I’m really enjoying watching our two year old girl learn tons of new things every day.

2 thoughts on “A New Edition To The Simple Economist Family

  1. Congratulations on having a new member in your family. I remember the day when I was blessed with my first baby girl. I was so excited and I prayed to my God for His blessings for this little princes. By the grace of God she is now 42, well educated, well placed in her banking job and blessed with a son aged 18. I also pray the same for your baby boy.