Best of Mr. Money Mustache Pt. II

Editor’s Note: This is Part II of the Best of Mr. Money Mustache. This is advanced reading intended for those who already have a basic understanding of personal finance. Start with Part I if you are just trying to get everything figured out.

Once again the reigning champ has returned for round two of solid financial blogging gold. I’ll reiterate what I mentioned in the previous post. With an author as prolific as MMM, the amount of content that is often produced can be staggering. As a long time reader (like ERE before), I’ve read every post since the beginning and I’ve sifted though all of it to pick out the very best. Like I said, start with Part I if you are just getting introduced; but if you are looking to pick up your graduate degree in financial freedom, here is the advanced reading list. I’ve also included some additional reading, book recommendations and other blogs that have similar types of early retiree/financial efficiency information contained within them.


The MMM Philosophy
(Disclaimer: Not all the writing is PG; several use strong language)
How to Go from Middle-Class to Kicka**
One of the best ever written. The original zero to hero in one post.
The Principle of Constant Optimization
A newer article but a solid keeper. A perfect reminder that efficiency is a journey not a destination.
Embracing the Nagging Voices of Success
For productive people, this is a must read.
What is Stoicism and How Can it Turn your Life to Solid Gold?
I’m a pretty big fan of Seneca and this is a great introduction if you are not familiar.
Safety is an Expensive Illusion
Before you meet with that insurance agent.. read this.

The MMM Lifestyle
A Peak Life is Lived Off-Peak
Do you enjoy waiting in line? Being like everyone else can be utterly inefficient.
The World’s Most Efficient Air-Conditioner
Quit complaining and get in shape.
The Practical Benefits of Outrageous Optimism
I tend to identify with this one. I feel like so many others are negative! Optimism is underrated.
You Can’t Cure Obesity with Bigger Pants
Title says it all. Fix the problems; don’t patch up the symptoms.
Avoiding Ivy League Preschool Syndrome
Love this debate about why suburbanites must live in the neighborhood with “The Best Schools”.
Brave New Life: Understand The Marginal Utility of Money
A personal touch of economics that describes getting the most out of your resources.

For Haters
How to Tell if You’re a Complainypants
Great to send to that ultra complainer we all know.
Frequently Complained Questions
I stopped answering questions long ago and now I just forward haters to this post.

My Recommend MMM Style Reading
Letter of a Stoic – Seneca
One of the best reads for under a dollar. Amazing, especially for its age.
Walden – Henry David Thoreau
Another free classic built on the idea of simplicity and sustainability. Before it was cool.
No Impact Man – Colin Bevan
An interesting and challenging look at how we impact the environment. The movie might be better than the book!
Food Rules – Michael Pollan
A quirky, entertaining read about natural food and healthy eating.
Your Money or Your Life – Vicki Robin & Joe Dominguez
The original handbook for early retirement. If you haven’t read it, read it today.
Joy of Less – Francine Jay
This is the one my wife enjoyed the most. A ladies prospective but I enjoyed it too.

Zen Habits
Still one of the best. Amazed that the content is still great after many years.
4-Hour Workweek
You may have to dig through the archives a little bit but the blog has 100+ quality posts.
100 Days of Real Food
If you are interested in eating healthier natural food check here.
I Will Teach You To Be Rich
Not updated frequently with great content but the archives contain tons of epic free material.
Extreme Early Retirement
Not longer updated but once again, tons of epic technical content. Not as easy to read but great for advanced learners.

Finally, and epic collection of awesome content. This should keep you busy for a while. If you have any other suggestions or favorites include them in the comments. Again, feel free to share this post, or for the uninitiated, share Part I of The Best of Mr. Money Mustache. I’m particularly interested in books so if you have any books to add to the list feel free to mention those also. I know MMM has a ‘recommends sections’ but the books are pretty weak/not well curated.

8 thoughts on “Best of Mr. Money Mustache Pt. II

  1. Regarding books I’ve found the Goddess of Mars (fiction) series to have a MMM element to it. Nothing else but looking for more good things to read as books or blogs in these comments.

    • That is pretty cool, I’m not a huge fiction reader but I’m working to get into it. I downloaded the series for my kindle and I’ll check them out over the weekend. Can’t beat the price of free!

  2. I’ve been reading MMM for about 7 months and some of these are new to me! lol! thanks!

    • It was pretty entertaining for me to go back through all the post and reread some of the older ones. There are several that I need to read often to keep up to date. Glad they could help.

  3. Great list of articles — thanks for summarizing so nicely. MMM is without question my favorite site and I eagerly anticipate his new posts.

    I think “How to Go from Middle-Class to Kick***” is the single best post on that site. It basically shows you have to live a middle-class life only smarter and richer. Hard to beat that…

    • Thanks! Absolutely, MMM is still the raining champ in my books for personal finance. He has some great material and he is one of the few that I actually anticipate each new post.

      The middle class article is a perfect one to send to people who are just getting it all figured out.

    • Ahh… Also feel I should say that the “Brave New Life: Understand The Marginal Utility of Money” post is actually written by the guy from the blog (obvious once you’ve clicked through on the link but still worth pointing out)

      This has got some great stuff in the archives so is also well worth checking out, although he doesn’t seem to be doing many updates now he has actually reached financial independence, which is a bit odd (other new projects started up with his new found time maybe?)