Simple Economist is about living an awesome, efficient lifestyle. The majority of topics covered include: Lifestyle Design, Personal Finance, Efficiency, Behavioral Economics, Travel, & Nutrition and Exercise. All of the content is devoted to helping readers live the best, most efficient life possible.


37719_974716313580_7694818_nStephen (aka The Simple Economist): Stephen is a professional economist, author, consultant, and speaker.  After receiving his graduate degree in economics he pursues sports, travel and derives pleasure from fixing things that are broken and helping people become happier. Stephen is a CFP candidate working to complete his PhD in Financial Planning and Behavioral Economics. He and his wife and children live in Athens, GA. Here are three personal articles to help get to know Stephen: Five Books That Have Changed My Life  |  Ways My Life Has Changed In Four Years  My Favorite Things

kaliKali (aka Mr. SE): Kali is a Registered Dietitian and mother of two awesome children. After completing her undergraduate and masters’ degrees she worked in a clinical dietetic setting before moving to consulting and staying home with the family. She loves to run, workout, cook delicious food, eat peanut butter and trail mix. Kali helps individuals through private diet analysis, meal plans, and locate grocery tours to promote healthy eating and a balanced lifestyle. For more information email here. Here are three personal articles to help get to know Kali: Designing A Healthy Lifestyle  |  Staying Fit: Cheap, Free, and Efficient Exercise  |  My Favorite Things

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  1. Hey Stephen!

    I really love your blog and often refer to it for advice. I know that you only blog once a week–but was wondering if you’d consider making an exception and be a guest blogger on my blog, Lizainthelou.blogspot.com. It’s a lifestyle, family and money-saving blog. I get anywhere between 500-900 individual hits each time I write a new post and many of my viewers live in Missouri.

    I was talking to a single friend of mine recently who shared honestly that she hadn’t started saving or thinking about retirement because she always assumed that her husband would do that for her. She’s nearing 30 and isn’t dating anyone. I would love a post about money geared towards women. What do you think women need to know about money? As a male, is it attractive to find women who are financially smart? Many of my viewers are stay-at-home moms or are considering staying at home. Any suggestions on planning to live off of one income? (These are all ideas– I am open!).

    If this is something you’d consider doing, please let me know. If you are too busy now, I completely understand! Maybe another time:)


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