The Old Farm House Renovation

This is the second post about our home renovation project. The first one detailed the nitty gritty, excitement, and challenges we faced during the renovation. This one is much more of the fake-HGTV-Rennovation-Show post with the glamor shots .

We don’t really live in a Farm House (although we are utilizing some of the ‘farm house’ styling). I suppose the post title is a little bit of a misnomer- our house is really just a basic suburban brick house located on a street named “Old Farm Rd”. Hence the nickname I’ve been using to describe our home: Old Farm House. It certainly has an ironic ring to it that I like.

The primary living space of our home is a standard 3/2 ranch. We have a partially finished (at the moment) basement that will be some combination of airbnb, home gym, kids playhouse, hangout, and guest space. We have yet to do anything major with the exterior or the yard. It’s all a bit of a mess- Anything outside the primary living space is second priority. Maybe someday the basement and exterior will get their own post. For now, we’ll share what we’ve been up to over the last few months. So, without out further ado- the before and after shots of the renovation: Continue reading The Old Farm House Renovation