Our Fixer Upper Project

This is post one of our fixer upper project. This contains¬†the details and nitty gritty behind the project. Next week’s post contains all the before and after glamour shots.

So, we bought ourselves a little fixer upper. Although we’ve tackled a small home renovation before, the home we purchased earlier this year has been quite a project! The house ended up being much more complicated and larger than what we experienced in the past. We had a pretty tight budget and decided to do almost all of the renovations ourselves. It was a pretty intense time commitment and we learned a lot throughout the process. We moved in a few weeks ago and we are now in the slow process of completing the remaining 10%. Although we finished about 80% of the projects before we moved in, the house is still only mostly complete and almost every room has some minor project left.

The ole HGTV shows tend to glamorize the process of a home renovation. The timing, cost, and mental expense are often undercalculated and the final product is almost always a series of compromises. Self renovations are certainly not for everyone. However, like most worthwhile¬†activities, renovating a house is a solid combination of difficulty, stress, learning, and satisfaction. A lot went into our renovation project. There were tons of different thoughts and many lessons learned throughout the process. I’ll share some pictures of the kitchen renovation process in this post and next week’s post will have the complete collection of the glamour shots. (Before and After Preview of Kitchen)

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