Jumping Off The Hedonic Treadmill

Could you imagine spending every waking moment of your life walking on a treadmill that never stops? Would you be tired? Happy? Stressed? Have you ever been really excited about getting something new only to see it become unused or lay to waste after a few weeks or months? Are you as excited about your car or cell phone now as your were two years ago when you purchased it? Do the things we buy and the lifestyle we accumulate over time actually make us happier? Was there a point in your life where you had nothing but you were genuinely excited about life? I honestly think understanding hedonic adaption can be one of the most important concepts that affects both our monetary well being and also our overall happiness.

What Is It?
untitledThe concept of a hedonic treadmill, also known as hedonic adaption, refers to the tendency of humans to quickly return to a relatively stable level of happiness despite major positive or negative events or life changes. According to this theory, as a person makes more money, expectations and desires rise in tandem, which results in no permanent gain in happiness. -Rosenbloom.

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Staying Fit: Cheap, Free, and Efficient Exercise

Author: Ms. Simple Economist (Awesome Mom and RD)

My second post, Woohoo! If you don’t know from my previous post, I am a registered dietitian and much of what I do deals with weight management, chronic disease prevention through nutrition, and giving people the information they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I am an advocate for real, whole foods and practicing moderation when it comes to fueling your body. Another big component to a healthy lifestyle is staying physically fit and engaging in exercise on a daily basis. Getting exercise every day can be easy and fun, and if done well you will look forward to it and even enjoy it. Plus, you don’t even need to pay a gym or a trainer to stay fit. If done efficiently, you can do a lot at home, outdoors, and using your own body weight.

My Favorite Exercise/Financial/Efficiency/Life Tip is: Ride a Bike, And more than just the yearly ride with a friend. Try biking a few of the solo trips you might traditionally make in a car. Consider transportation options the next time you move. Bikes don’t have to be expensive and you can get a nice, older road bike for $20-$100. You don’t need gas, get exercise everywhere you go, have no trouble parking, save money and tread lighter on the planet. It’s my favorite win-win. -Mr. Simple Economist

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Wearing Pampers in Business Class

Anyone up for permanently raising your expectations and inflating your lifestyle? Does all other steak taste worse once you’ve had the best? By this point in our life we have all had some small taste of life’s luxuries. And on occasion these can be entertaining experiences. But my simple observation is that, if you spend enough time basking in your own indulgences, you will become accustom to luxuries and your lifestyle can inflate significantly without actually making you any happier. The second observation is that business travel can be one of the most exacerbating catalysts to raised expectations, wastefulness and entitlement.

We adapt to wealth or poverty surprisingly quickly. Our expectations have such an enormous impact on how we perceive our life that it is truly important to be cognizant and understand exactly how they influence our view of reality. And, Hey, getting up to go to the bathroom is such a hassle, would you like a pamper to go with your free cocktail in Business Class?

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A Guide to Getting Up Early for People Who Hate Mornings

I’ve lived most of my life with the notion that “I’m not a morning person”. Left to my own devices, I’d probably still be asleep right now. For the first twenty years of my life, if something wasn’t forcing me to get up early, I would be silently dreaming about the joy of ‘sleeping in’ until noon every day. The ironic part is that, on the rare occasions that I am able to sleep late now, I often feel like I’ve missed out on half the day when I wake up.

Sun Rising over Lake Tochigi-ken, JapanSo why wake up early? As I move through different stages of life, the demands of my time are constantly changing. In college, life often happened late, 10-3am, so my incentive was to be available and aware at that time. But my life is slowly evolving and mornings are becoming more and more attractive. It also helps that my wife loves mornings and my little lady is happiest when she wakes up. For me, because I always consider getting up early painful, I had to think through the reasons why time in the mornings would better than staying up late. Continue reading A Guide to Getting Up Early for People Who Hate Mornings

Learn How to Sell Something

Disclaimer: People who were not born in this country can skip this article (unless you want to read it to send to your American friends who don’t understand ‘how to sell things’). This is the companion post to learn how to get a good deal on anything. There are a lot of principles that are consistent across buying and selling.

Why Sell Stuff
Do you have anything valuable around your house that you no longer use? If you could magically snap your fingers and turn your unused items into cash, would you? Which things would you sell? I’m sure there are plenty of people with used electronics, fancy brand name clothing that doesn’t fit, kids stuff, unopened wedding gifts or other valuables just sitting in a closet, garage or attic, cluttering your house and wasting away. Seriously, selling your stuff is like magic. It gives you cash, gets rid of clutter, reduces waste, and gets used stuff to other people who can use it! The beauty of the process is much easier now than it ever has been! Craigslist, eBay, and Amazon combined with local consignment shops, yard sales and flea markets make the process much simpler than ever before.
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