Five Books That Have Changed My Life

I love to read. I read a fair amount of fiction but I mostly read non-fiction. I enjoy reading that makes me think and challenges me to take action or meaningfully examine my life. In no particular order, five books that have changed my life:



Book #1: The Power of Less – Leo Babauta

What it is about:
The book focuses on the idea that we have more stuff in our life than we have time. To be effective in our lives we need to step back, determine what is truly important to us, and get rid of the rest. If we do not, we will find ourselves overwhelmed with junk (both physical and commitments) that doesn’t leave time for the truly important things.
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Power of a Meal Plan

If ten minutes doing a task every week could give you: hours of free time, make you much healthier, save you money, reduce waste and considerably drop your stress, would I have your interest?

healthy mealPlanning your meals to some sounds like an incredibly meaningless or boring task. But in truth, it is often one of the most inefficient areas of most peoples’ lives. It is surprising how much we think, stress, and in general, under-prepare in this area of our lives. I wish I could measure the collective inefficiencies of the number of people who drive to the store to grab a few ingredients they forgot for a recipe, or how many times people in a house can’t agree on what’s for dinner and end up driving through McD’s to appease the fam (and the surprising mental anguish that comes with trying to get several people to agree on one restaurant!).
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Changing Habits: Using Passive Barriers

habit changeWhy is it that we have things in our lives that we truly desire to change but yet we keep putting them off or not doing them at all?  It’s like the old joke: “How do you make new year’s resolutions? Simply take last year’s and change the date”. There are many things that cause us to keep from reaching our goals and we’ll begin by defining anything that keeps us from achieving our goal as a barrier. Today we’ll take a look at some sneaky “passive barriers” that we rarely consider, and find ways we can use them to our advantage. Continue reading Changing Habits: Using Passive Barriers

Welcome to the Simple Economist

Welcome to the Simple Economist. You have landed at the all inclusive idea of making your life better by becoming more efficient in all areas of your life. I challenge you to spend a little of your hard earned time examine your life and determine if you are really getting everything you want out of it.

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